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Google for Startups Accelerator Korea: BlueSignum

Now, in collaboration with a research team from the Department of Psychology at Seoul National University, BlueSignum is developing a digital mental health guide that combines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and Artificial Intelligence to...


”Innovating mental healthcare through technology” BlueSignum… Selected for ‘23 Google ChangGoo program

BlueSignum, a startup providing personalized therapy and mental health services, has revealed that their moodtracker app ‘DailyBean’ has been selected for the 2023 5th Google ChangGoo program.


”Inevitable success”… BlueSignum attracts additional 1.3B₩ in investments

BlueSignum, a startup providing personalized therapy and mental health services, has attracted new investment from Korea Investment Partners. SpringCamp, an initial investor, has also made a follow-up investment, bringing the total up to 1.3B₩(approx. $975K).


BlueSignum’s moodtracker app ‘DailyBean’ reaches 5M global downloads

DailyBean has been chosen as Google Play’s ‘Best of Personal Growth’ and ‘Best of 2022’ in ‘22, as well as made the list for Apple’s ‘23 Apps for 2023’. This comes just 3 months after reaching 4M downloads in January, showcasing DailyBean’s rapid growth.


DHP invests in digital mental healthcare startup ‘BlueSignum’

Digital Healthcare Partners has revealed that they will be starting seed investments and acceleration for BlueSignum, a startup developing personalized mental healthcare solutions. Startup accelerator Mashup Angels will also take part in this round of investments.


BlueSignum, solving human issues with technology

Depression is an unwelcome guest that tends to knock on our doors every once in a while, and sometimes it’s difficult to fend it off amidst the hubbub of daily life. Here, we have a startup that is attempting to solve problems of the human heart with technology.

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